Bronze and pyrite inlays for a dining table by Bill Cleyndert

We were commissioned by Bill Cleyndert to create these amazing bronze and pyrite inlays for a dining table being built by Bill Cleyndert.

bronze and pyrite inlays for a dining table by Bill cleyndert

Amazing materials like pyrite and bronze make fine finished detailing in customized furniture.

We were supplied free issue pyrite tiles approximately 400mm x 400mm square and a sheet of bronze. Our task was to convert their design concept into close fitting parts that could be inlaid into a finely designed dining table that was designed by and being built by Bill Cleyndert

Pyrite tile waterjet cut

Pictured above and below is a section of waterjet cut pyrite from the inlay.

Pyrite is basically “fools gold” which is a mineral that looks like gold and these tiles are not low cost at all!
The tiles are made in India and the pyrite mineral shards are hand applied to a marble base with a black resin, each piece is placed like a mosaic or a jigsaw puzzle to get a close fitting design. The resin is also in between the pieces holding them altogether and onto the marble backing tile. The top face is then ground and polished flat reveling the beautiful finish which has dark reflective and glistening properties.

Pyrite is very hard to work with as it is quite crumbly in it’s mineral state and will break easily if you try to snap it. However we can cut it with our waterjet cutting process / service and as can be seen from the side view, the cut is very clean and crisp.

Pyrite tiles
bronze inlaid into wood

We also waterjetcut the bronze framework / outlines, they can be seen here inserted into an MDF plate so the finished inlay can be transported safely to its destination.
Below you can see the four main corners of the dining table inlays finished and ready for packaging.

bronze and pyrite inlays
bronze and pyrite inlays for a dining table photo courtesy of Bill cleyndert

The finished Dining table inlay in all it’s glory.

Unfortunately we are unable to have pictures of the full finished dining table due to Bill Cleynderts customer confidentiality but courtesy of Bill Cleyndert & Company we can show this small finished section.