Micro Milling small parts

Micro milling small parts

Micro Milling or Micro Machining small parts in Southampton.

Micro Milling, what is it?
A Process using special CNC milling machines to machine small parts and VERY small parts is called Micro milling.
Utilising the technology on our machines we can make use of very small cutters that eneble us to make very small parts.
Small parts used in many industries, and we have the ability to machine materials like Aluminum, copper and its alloys, bronze, brass, plastics, composites, etc..
Workholding can be tricky with small parts but we have the skills to deal with this in most cases and are willing to develop our process to suit the task at hand.
Described on this page also detailed in the pictures a part micro machined from colsibro which is a copper alloy.

micro machined part held by tweezers

micro machined part held by tweezers.

micro machined small part held in tweezers

Machining a Colsibro part on a micro milling machine.

Action shot and video footage machining a Colsibro part on a micro milling machine.
Your Seeing / watching a 1mm diameter cutter with a 3mm shank roughing out the main body of the Colsibro material.

Machining a Colsibro part on a micro milling machine

Micro machined Colsibro part on the machine.

Colsibro part micro machined and finished.

Detailed but small, a micro machined part machined in Colsibro material.
In this situation displayed here for you to see the micro machining process.
not only a finished part from the micro machining process but some close up shots and video footage.

micro machining

Micro machined Colsibro part.

Micro machined Colsibro part closer up under the microscope.

As an illustration, Microsopic views of the micro machined part machined in colsibro copper alloy.
Evidently the part designed in 3d Cad, is fairly small. The small posts each at 1mm diameter.
During the design stage the tops of the small posts had radiuses added to acheive the overall sperical shape.
shown above this part, machined with a 1mm diameter milling cutter.
Correspondingly we programmed the CNC milling machine using a cam program.

Micro Machining

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