Machining Services by Safire Associates located in Southampton

Safire can supply your CNC machined parts, in any batch size from virtually any machining process.

Safire machining services

Safire has been offering machining services from Southampton for over 35 years, offering accurate machining to high standards and quality. In addition to being able to supply CNC machined parts in batch runs, we also offer general machining and the manufacturing of one off’s, proto-type parts, and repairs as well as batches of parts, all produced with high attention to detail.

Safire machining services

In conjunction with our associates, we have access to a full selection of machines and processes both manual and CNC controlled that can be programmed by cad/cam or at the controllers of the machines.  Coupled with the ability to design using the latest 3d cad software and program from our cad/cam software.
Enabling us to tackle a wide and diverse range of work.

When you want a really good quality job and service contact Safire.
We are professional, highly skilled engineers and take the time to ensure a job is done well, with this in mind you can be assured your work will be completed to a high standard and good accuracy.

Safire Associates machining services include:

Engineering set of machined parts for tooling jig

Machining services

machining of steel components for a test rig

An illustration of some of the work we can offer to do at our facilities are listed on this page, why not contact us with your project details

Small tool setting / location jig

a Stainless steel alignment jig machined from stainless steel

Smaller parts

Using various work holding techniques we can manufacture small parts. like the tool setting / location jig as well as the sensor probe parts shown here. Both projects similarly machined from stainless steel and have various machined features on them. Including turning, boring, threading, face grooving also with some fine milling details.

Small sensor probe parts

sensor probes machined from stainless steel

Large syntactic foam blocks

these blocks were machined from syntactic foam using 3d machining in cad cam

Some of the diverse work we do included these syntactic foam blocks pictured. Machined identically mirrored for a deep sea ROV to add ballast for some devices installed on the ROV.
The stock block measured 800mm x 400mm x 300mm. We machined them on all sides with 3d cad/cam programming in order to create all the features required for the job.

Larger parts

With our machines we have the capacity to take on some larger machining jobs as well.  included in our machine shop are:

We have a 3 axis cnc bed milling machine. With travels of 1016mm x 596mmx 584mm. Together with a programmable spindle with speeds up to 5000 rpm.
We also have a large manual Knee milling machine

We have a 2 axis manual / cnc turning lathe with manual tool change. It has a 10″ chuck as standard as well as a range of other work holding chucks and jigs. With a turning diameter of 410mm (reduced over the cross slide.) enabling us to tackle larger work

Large diameter tank lid

machining of a 675mm diameter stainless steel tank lid

Tank lids machined from steel or stainless steel. Including this 675mm diameter stainless steel lid which was waterjet cut first. Then machined to get the finished bore tolerance. With attention to detail on the o-ring grooves and counter bored bolt holes also the threaded locator holes.

A set of parts machined at safire