Engineering at Safire Associates

Our Engineering workshop based in Southampton has the ability to work on many different projects. Ranging from not only manufacturing a simple part but also making a repair. To taking on a full design and build project.
Because we have the ability to work from verbal instructions and basic sketches also 2D/3D CAD files and reverse engineer from old worn parts. We can work with your project however it comes to us.
Also with our diverse skill base it allows us to work with most projects in most materials.

Safire’s Engineering services include:

We have full machining facilities which are both manual and CNC controlled. including: Milling, Turning, Drilling and Tapping.
The CNC controls can be programmed either at the machine or with programming from CAD/CAM. Which gives us the ability to machine most parts.

Please visit our machining page for more information.

Our Waterjet cutting facilities allow us to cut nearly any 2D shape in addition to virtually any material. Equally important is the high precision and quality we can achieve. The cutting area we have is 2440mm x 1220mm at the same time we can cut from less that 0.1mm thick to upwards of 125mm. 

Please visit our waterjet cutting  page 
visit our waterjet cutting website for ;more information.

We can fabricate and weld a wide range of work in many materials and in our well equipped workshop we have a precision jig table system, band saw cutting facilities, a CnC brake press and Mig, Tig and gas welding.

Please visit our welding and fabrication page for more information.

3D Design Work in cad

clamp jig design

Cad Design Work

Using 3D design software we are able to create three dimensional designs from single parts, to full assemblies. Including 2D and 3D parts for machining as well as layout for fabrication and flat pattern parts for sheet metal assemblies.
In Addition to designing parts for our day to day work. We also use 3d cad to design most of our work, enabling us to eliminate issues during the design phase meaning less proto-types during the design process.
furthermore we also problem solve within the 3d cad environment.

Creative projects

stainless steel sundial

Creative & Artistic Design Work

We are very creative and artistic with a good attention to detail. Over the years we have worked on many bespoke projects. We can work on your own designs or we can also design and create for you.
from bespoke gifts to sculptural projects

Safire are a highly skilled Engineering business, with a mixed skill set and great facilities. Located in the center of Southampton on the waterfront we perform engineering solutions to meet our customers needs. With our adequately sized workshop also our range of machines and tools, our software and abilities we can perform a wide range of engineering tasks with our skills to take on most projects.

Use our website to find out more about out our Engineering services, abilities and to view examples of our work, alongside case studies on previous projects we have worked on.

To discuss a project you can email, give us a call or we welcome you to pop in to our workshop to say hello.