Garmin radar adapter bracket plate

Garmin radar adapter bracket plate

This Garmin radar adapter bracket plate has been fabricated from 316 grade stainless steel.  We designed and waterjet cut the top plate, machined the tube, tig welded it all together and finished it with a mirror polish.

to give you an idea of what is involved please read on…..

stainless steel material and parts ready for fabrication

We started off with the original bracket mounting plate which was removed from the boat and supplied to us by the customer and it is shown above on the left, also shown above is a length of 3″ stainless steel tube and some 4mm thick plate which we waterjet cut to size and shape, note the tube currently has a brushed finish and the 4mm plate a dull grey mill finish.

stainless steel tube with machined hole for cable entry

The tube was set up in the milling machine and had the hole machined into one end for cable exit. We then brought it up to a mirror polish.
you can see the difference in finish as i have placed a small bit of the original brush finished and heavily scratched tube next to it for comparison.
We also machined a hole in the original plate for the cable entry.

Tig welded stainless steel tube joint

The Tube was jigged up on the bench and tig welded in position, you can see a close up of the tig weld below.

a close up of a tig welded tube in 316 grade stainless steel
mirror polished 316 grade stainless steel radar bracket

Once fabricated the welded were cleaned and ground to finish then a final mirror polish all over.