Welding and Fabrication at Safire

Safire offer welding and fabrication in a wide range of parts, products and designs. Generally anything from a small bracket or repair to full design and build. We work in a variety of materials and thicknesses.

Small jobs and basic welding and fabrication
Repairs and renovation
Full fabrication
Sheet metal fabrication
Box section or angle iron frame work
One off’s or batches

We can work in most metals. Incliding steel, stainless steel, corten, aluminium, brass, copper etc….

We have great facilities for welding and fabrication, including:

Metal cutting
We have a small guillotine for thinner sheet metals up to 1250mm wide. Also, we have a horizontal band-saw for cutting sections, strip, rounds, tubes etc… 
In Addition to this we have waterjet cutting for anything thicker or that needs more accuracy

Metal folding and bending
With a selection of manual bar benders, small tube benders and hand operated rollers for thinner sheet and flat bar, hand operated segmented folding for thinner sheet metal and a small cnc press brake. In particular for more accuracy or production runs.


We have Mig, Tig, Gas and Stud welding and a rotary welding table

General tools

We have an array of standard hand tools e.g. grinding,  polishing, drills, saws. In addition to this we also have a full machine shop when required.

Jig Fixtures

We have a 3d Jig table system as pictured below. This gives us the ability to set up jobs accurately to ensure delivering the best job possible. We also have this jig system inside our cad design software, so we can design jigs to fit the project in hand.

welding and fabrication jig table

Equipped to take on all sorts of projects from small jobs to large design and builds:

Small & basic fabrication work

simple folded bracket
simple fabricated top hat bracket

Small jobs & basic fabrication work

We do a lot of small jobs and basic welding and fabrication work for customers.
Items like simple folded brackets can be either cut from flat bar stock, cut on a guillotine if thinner sheet metal or waterjet cut for more accuracy and thicker materials.  Bending or folding using manual bar benders, manual sheet metal folders and a cnc press brake

We can fabricate basic jobs like this steel spigot. Which has been hand formed using a sheet metal guillotine, a hand operated rolling machine then welded with Mig welding

In conclusion we can manufacture all sorts of small projects from verbal instructions, a rough sketch or from full cad drawings.

Working from old damaged items

twisted and bent scraper blade rebuilt
Air conditioning fan deflector for the lady sandels super yacht

Reverse engineered fabrications

We come across jobs that are in desperate need of replacement but there are no drawings or designs to work from. We literally just have the old damaged parts to hand. Pictured here on the top is from a waterworks company that became severely twisted when a machine malfunctioned. We had to build a new one taking our dimensions from the old.

The fan in the picture below is from the super yacht “lady Sandals”. Whilst they docked here at Saxon wharf they made various repairs. Including this air conditioning diverter fan blade which was falling to bits from rust. We copied the original but also upgrade it to stainless steel, so it would not rust again.

Mounts for sensors

underwater sensor rig designed and built in safires engineering workshop

Fabricated sensor mounts

This frame designed and built by Safire to mount and protect some special laser sampling devices. Before being deployed on the Mekong river.
it was designed with certain criteria:
– Had to be easy to break down for transporting.
– Also needed to be light weight to keep flight costs down during transport.
– including the need to be balanced so it stayed level as lowered into the river.
As a result we manufactured it from aluminium and nylon waterjet cut and folded to tight tolerances and it was hard anodized for protection.

A Large avalanche Simulator Rig

Avalanche siluator rig

Avalanche Simulator Rig

This simulation rig fully designed and built by us. The welding and fabrication mainly produced from aluminium sheet, plate and channel. It also incorporated various features and moving parts like the winch system with vertical roller slides, the quick release gate and rain system.
Fully designed in 3d cad and utilised our full workshop facilities. Together with parts that we machined, waterjet cut, folded, fabricated and Tig welded

Special tooling rigs and jigs

pivoting angle jig

Special rigs and jigs

This jig is for a testing laboratory to test railway line track.
In this case during assembly it is quite a heavy fabrication and needed thought for handling. Welded and fabricated from steel box section and plate. The overall length of this is around 1400mm long and fabricated from 120mm x 80mm x 8mm steel box section and thick steel plates. This was also quite a precise job with machined joints and fittings that had to line up perfectly making good use of our 3d jig table


Sculptural, art and architectural design work

Brass artwork screen for the super yacht Justa Delia

Sculptural, art and architectural design work

We manufactured this brass artwork screen for our client, installed on the super yacht “Justa Delia”.
We were issued with a 2d design of the main concept and then we designed and built the project so there were no visible welds or unsightly fixings. For the most part it was manufactured mainly from 3mm thick brass sheet with a brushed finish. Also it had some aluminium support structure hidden under the brass cover plates.
We can work with your designs, in addition to this we are very creative and can create designs and art work for you.

Whatever your job or project entails, with Safire’s wide range of facilities we are sure to be able to help

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