Metalwork in Southampton

Metalwork in Southampton for all your metal working needs!
Whether working on a simple bracket, a repair, industrial fabrications or commissioned to manufacturer a sculptural project or design, we always work to high standards delivering your needs.

Simple to complex brackets

We can manufacture brackets from simple to more complex designs and shapes including hinges and shaped strap clamps

reverse engineering repairs

Old rusty, worn or damaged parts and assemblies can be reverse engineered to be replaced with a new version.

metal fabrication facilities

Fabrications made to order from a range of materials, using your ideas and designs or we can also offer a design service.

Sheet metal work

Using 2d and 3d cad software we can create the design, cut the flat patterns ready to be formed into a sheet metal part or an assembly

Quality metal Signage to order

Bespoke signage or company logos manufactured in any size or shape from small to large in various materials.

metal screens and panels

Metal screens and panels can be creatively designed and made to order to high standards using different materials

Pond surrounds and grill covers

Whether it’s a garden feature or a protective grill for your pond, we can manufacture using corten steel, stainless steel or protected steel.

Metal work in the garden

Designs and features can be created and manufactured to order for your garden in traditional, contemporary or sculptural forms.

Trophies & memorials

Custom made trophies and memorials can be designed and manufactured to suit your individual and specific designs.

Home names and Logos

Home names, door numbers and logos designed and custom made in various materials and in any size

detailed Engravings

Engravings can be designed and machined into various materials, ranging from a simple single line font to complex artwork.

Art and sculpture

We can work with your ideas and sketches to create your art or sculptural project or commission us to produce a piece for you.

We have manufactured some unusual items like the “tap on the door” door knocker, the copper chimney flue and the oversized wing nuts (to mention a few) all pictured below.
Why not challenge us with your project!

tap on the door knocker
copper and brass flue chimney for robert adam
brass wing nut

All metalwork by Safire in Southampton is manufactured using a variety of machines, tools and software to high standards. We have a creative flair and an eye for design

Metalworking is at the heart of what we do.
We can cut, fold, bend, grind, drill, machine, sand, shape, form, weld, braze, tap  and more..

We can work in most metals including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, corten steel and titanium.

We predominantly work with metals however we work with other materials as well to make almost any item to order.
We repair stuff, we renovate things or we reverse engineer parts and assemblies to replicate for replacement or repair.

Safire have a wide range of tools, machines and facilities which helps us to help you.