Safire an engineering business in southampton

Safire Associates is a family owned and run engineering business based in Southampton.
We provide a good mix of Engineering skills and services.
Working with most materials we can machine, waterjet cut, fabricate, weld and 3d print a wide range of items and products. We also have design facilities working in both 2d and 3d cad and we have the ability to diigitise items and the real world with a large format 2d digitiser, Photogrammetry and a white light 3d scanner.

With a good ability to solve problems and design good solutions. Safire has been recognized as a quality engineering company for both small and large clients and we regularly do work for industrial, scientific, universities, marine, sub sea and MOD as well as working for the general public.

Safire Associates have the following facilities on offer resulting in a high quality finished product for both one offs or batch work and specialist work.

  • Cnc Milling – 3 axis cnc milling, with travels of 1016mm x 596mmx 584mm, with manual tool change (linked to cad/cam system)
  • Manuel Milling – large manual knee mill
  • Cnc Turning – 2 axis cnc turning with manual tool change (linked to cad/cam system)
  • Drills – various
  • Tapping / threading – we can tap by hand, machine threads on a lathe, threadmill in the milling machine or we have tapping heads to fit in drills and a pneumatic tapping arm for more production tapping
  • Cnc Waterjet profiling facility – we can cut virtually any material up to 2.44 meters long x 1.22 meters wide at high levels of thickness, this process is linked to our cad/cam design software
  • Welding – Mig, Tig, & Gas welding facilities
  • 3D jig table -a large specialised 3d jig system to assist in our fabrication services
  • Sheet metal guillotine – manual air powered, 1250mm maximum width of cut, 2mm maximum in steel
  • Cnc brake press – 4 axis Cnc brake press 1270mm width (1000mm between columns for deeper work)
  • Sheet metal folder – manual 1250mm maximum width of fold, 2mm maximum in steel
  • Manual Presses – manual deep throat fly press, toggle and smaller bench presses
  • Sheet metal Roller – manual 1250mm max width of roll, up to 1.5mm max in steel
  • Blasting – sand blasting  and vapor blasting cabinets
  • The latest 2D & 3D cad and cam systems linked directly to our machines – simply provide us with a sketch, template or an idea and we can program our software to fulfill your design project
  • Digitising – with a large format 2d digitiser and Photogrammetry and a white light 3d scanner for 3d digitising
  • 3D Printing – with a generous build volume of 320 x 132 x 154 mm and  a layer height of 0.1mm printing in nylon with chopped carbon fiber as well as the ability to layer continuous fiber strands

some of the machines at satire's workshop

Cnc Water jet profiling

Ability to cut virtually any 2d design into virtually any material up to 2440mm x 1220mm and up to 180mm ish thick.

Cnc press Brake

4 axis Cnc brake press 1270mm width (1000mm between columns for deeper work).

Cnc Milling

3 axis cnc milling, 1000mm x 500mm table travel, with manual tool change, Linked to cad/cam system.

Manuel milling

Large manuel universal knee milling drilling machine

Cnc turning

2 axis cnc turning with manual tool change. Linked to cad/cam system.

2d and 3d cad & cam

we have an array of software to create designs, nest and program machines

Please contact us with your enquiry, we look forward to hearing from you.